Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Harvest Pictures

I finally got it figured out.  So here are a FEW of the pictures I took of harvest!

This was one of the tractors I drove this year - the JD 4850! Jon just got this tractor this summer to replace the 305.

Jon combining beans!

This was one of my jobs one day.  Every year Jon would get frustrated with his Dad for not cleaning out his bins before they got busy with harvest.  Well this year all the bins were cleaned out ready to go before harvest.  HOWEVER, DFS had a hot bid and Jon knew we were going to run out of room, so he sold corn right during the middle of harvest! So my job was to empty the grain bin and fill the grain cart full of corn so when Jon came back with the semi he could fill it up a whole lot faster and get back down to Osky quicker with a load of corn.  I teased Jon about this later - how he was keeping up the tradition of getting rid of grain during harvest!


This was just one of the examples of our down gooseneck corn!

Jon just picking corn!

This was my other "office".  We had the 305 for sale all summer.  It wasn't moving so Jon decided to use it.  Then we got a phone call from someone interested in it.  So we took it back off the grain cart and back into the shed.  It still has not sold and Jon is still thinking about buying it.

This was the last pass of this particular field.

I had picked up the boys after church one Wednesday night and Jon had told us to bring the tractor and grain cart out to the field and wait for him to finish up the last 5 acres of beans.  We were a little bored so we decided to take a few goofy selfies!

Harvest 2014 in the Record Books!

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog.  There have been several factors as to why I haven't. Those being harvest, internet problems and exhaustion!  So now that I've got a little down time I thought I'd update you all what's been going on around here.

We finally finished up harvest for us on Saturday, November 8.  We had about 30 acres of custom combining that we finished up the following Monday (10th). Boy was I thankful to be done!  It was a harvest we probably won't forget.  It was our first harvest on our own.  I'm sure there were several times Jon wished his Dad would've been here - I know I did!  We had several breakdowns with one being pretty major setting us back two days.  Another breakdown had us taking the combine into Titan Machinery only setting us back not quite a full day.  Other breakdowns were just little maintenance things but sometimes took us all morning to work on.  I tried my best to jump in and do what Jon asked me to.  Because of all the cooler weather we had earlier in the year the corn was wet. So we would pick until we would fill a bin full enough to dry it down.  And with all the wind we had this summer we had either gooseneck or down corn.  Those days were frustrating and as Jon said "could cause a guy to drink!"  Before harvest started Jon had told me I was going to be running the combine.  Well because of all this crazy corn I didn't get to - Which was SUPER  FINE with me (between you and me I didn't really want to run the combine).  So instead I had several other jobs this fall.  I got to run the tractor and grain cart, haul loads to the coop with tractor and wagons - NOT the semi, kept an eye on the auger at the grain bin, parts lady, grain bin climber and keeper of the grain (we have a couple of farms we do 50/50 - our half went to the bin while our landlords went to town. So I had to keep track of DRY bushels.  I learned a whole new math)!  Let's just say there never was a boring day!  We received help from Jon's younger brother Dan.  Dan and I usually made a pretty good team.  Whenever Jon would be just a little bossy we had each other to vent with.  Glenda even made the comment that Dan and I reminded her of Jon and Dan when they were younger and that Jon was acting more like Don!   There were also days our landlord's son and a past youth group kid came to help (or hang out).  My good friend Kelly even road with me once when I was hauling in grain to the  coop - that was fun!

Things might have taken a little longer and a lot more patience than previous years.  However, we survived our first harvest together and are still married - I call that a successful fall!  In all honesty I really did enjoy helping out and being Jon's partner in our farming operation.  I learned a lot - as Jon said one day "farming is more than just driving tractors!"  I think I already knew that, however I did  learn a whole new appreciation for my husband and his career of choice!  Even though we had a few disagreements (like how full to fill the wagons) I do feel like this experience brought us closer together!  And several times we turned it into a family affair!  The boys got in on a lot of the harvest work this year also!  The days were long and we were exhausted but I wouldn't trade this lifestyle in for nothing!

I was hoping to post some pictures but I can't it to work.  Once I get that figured out I'll do another post of harvest pictures!