Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Barnstormers and Cubs!

We were given the opportunity to do some fun things with the boys over the last couple of days and decided to take advantage of it!  We "won" a sports package at a silent auction (which I hope to blog about soon) which included tickets to a Barnstormer game.  Just incase you've never heard of the Iowa Barnstormers it is an arena football team. We had a fun time!  The first half was exciting and a lot of fun to watch.  However, the second half the opposing team came out fired up and smoked us.  The final score was 84 - 48.  Here are a couple of pictures of that night.

The boys!

This was the view from our seats!

The other event we attended was an Iowa cubs game.  My parents had purchased Knothole Gang memberships for all the grand kids at Christmas.  With this membership included tickets to several cubs games, t-shirt, ice cream and free drinks.  There are a couple of other perks like clinics, autograph sessions and batting practice at select games.  Yesterday was the first chance we had to attend one of those games.  We invited my parents to go along too.  It ended up being a very good game.  They were only going to play seven innings since it was a double header but at the end of the seventh it was tied 2-2.  So we got to the eighth inning the other team scored two runs making it 4-2 with the Cubs having a chance to catch up or win. We scored two runs tying up the game.  With two outs two people on base the player at bat hit a home run making the score 4-7.  The Cubs won!  It was a pretty late night (after 10 pm) but I'm so glad we stayed til the end.  The boys even got on the jumbo screen!  Fun was had by all!  Here are a couple of pictures from that night.

The boys in their new Knothole Gang shirts!

Jon and me

Will and Charlie with Cubbie Bear (Anthony took the picture that's why he's not in it).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Can Really Stop Raining Now!

So my mother in law has informed me that there is always a severe storm around her birthday - which happens to be June 29!  Well, Sunday evening proved her to be right!  But it didn't just stop on that day - we got more the next day.  In fact I would say we had a couple good rounds.  In the 14 years that Jon and I have lived here (on our farm) we have only had water over the lane once - yesterday marked the second time.  Our corn got knocked down not only here but at another farm we farm.  We didn't get any other damage than that which is good, but it still makes us sick to our stomachs to look out the window.  We just pray now that rain will stop for awhile, that the sun will come out and maybe it will bounce back from this.  Here are some pictures of some of the flooding of our fields and damage to the corn:

This is our lane.

Jon's alfalfa and oats - completely flattened.

Some of the down corn at our place.

More down corn at our place.

Yep that's our semi.  Jesse was trying to get back to Glenda's and found this.  This was actually taken a couple of hours later after the third round of rain.  Noticed how more it got out after the county put up signs. Jon graciously moved back the sign so the county wouldn't loose it!

This is another farm we farm under water.