Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

So for quite a while now we've had an artificial tree in our house during Christmas. Well because of our remodeling project the tree was put in the garage for a year AND the lid was left open during that time (don't ask me why.... I'm not really sure how that happened). Anyway I was afraid to put the tree up. I was worried we would find a family of mice or a snake!  So I talked Jon into getting a real tree this year. I also thought it would be the start of a new family tradition.  So, the Friday after Thanksgiving we went to pick out and cut down our real Christmas tree! We had a fun time trying to pick just the right one. We brought it home, set it up and proceeded to decorate it. I'll be honest I didn't really like it. It took up so much room in the living room and it was bigger than our fake tree so all our ornaments looked pretty sparse on this new tree (just call me the Grinch)! Well by Wednesday afternoon I wasn't feel very well. Thursday, Will and I both went to the doctor. Will was diagnosed with strep throat so the doctor just treated us the same. By Friday afternoon Will was feeling much better - me not so much. I was sick all the way up to Saturday. We had several things planned for both Friday & Saturday that I ended up missing or rescheduling.  It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when Charlie was trying to give the Christmas tree a drink that I realized it was the tree making me sick. I called my mom to ask if that was possible, to which she responded "you were the reason we could never have a real tree in the house!"  She informed me that it took them awhile to figure it out but once they had it made a big difference. So I called Jon to tell him about my discovery. Charlie and I undecorated the tree and waited until Jon got home so he could chuck it out the front window! So here it was all my idea to get a real tree and then it was all my fault we had to get rid of it! However, about a half an hour after throwing out the tree I felt SO much better!  Well, I was feeling really bad for the kids that we now had no Christmas tree.  The other day we had to go to walmart for a few things, so I decided to take a look at the artificial trees they had.  I really wasn't wanting to spend a lot of money or get a really big one - partly because I knew in a couple of weeks they would probably be half the price.  We finally found one - a 6 foot non pre-lit tree for $20! It's almost a real life version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!  However with our small living room it works perfect.  It doesn't take up a lot of space.  And so far I've only put the lights and ribbon on and it looks great.  I saved the ornaments for the boys to put on (hopefully tomorrow). The boys are happy there is a tree in the house again and I'm glad we found the perfect tree - just a little bummed we found out the hard way I'm still allergic to live Christmas trees!

After picking out and cutting down the tree.

The REAL tree up and decorated.

The new FAKE tree!

Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Harvest Pictures

I finally got it figured out.  So here are a FEW of the pictures I took of harvest!

This was one of the tractors I drove this year - the JD 4850! Jon just got this tractor this summer to replace the 305.

Jon combining beans!

This was one of my jobs one day.  Every year Jon would get frustrated with his Dad for not cleaning out his bins before they got busy with harvest.  Well this year all the bins were cleaned out ready to go before harvest.  HOWEVER, DFS had a hot bid and Jon knew we were going to run out of room, so he sold corn right during the middle of harvest! So my job was to empty the grain bin and fill the grain cart full of corn so when Jon came back with the semi he could fill it up a whole lot faster and get back down to Osky quicker with a load of corn.  I teased Jon about this later - how he was keeping up the tradition of getting rid of grain during harvest!


This was just one of the examples of our down gooseneck corn!

Jon just picking corn!

This was my other "office".  We had the 305 for sale all summer.  It wasn't moving so Jon decided to use it.  Then we got a phone call from someone interested in it.  So we took it back off the grain cart and back into the shed.  It still has not sold and Jon is still thinking about buying it.

This was the last pass of this particular field.

I had picked up the boys after church one Wednesday night and Jon had told us to bring the tractor and grain cart out to the field and wait for him to finish up the last 5 acres of beans.  We were a little bored so we decided to take a few goofy selfies!

Harvest 2014 in the Record Books!

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog.  There have been several factors as to why I haven't. Those being harvest, internet problems and exhaustion!  So now that I've got a little down time I thought I'd update you all what's been going on around here.

We finally finished up harvest for us on Saturday, November 8.  We had about 30 acres of custom combining that we finished up the following Monday (10th). Boy was I thankful to be done!  It was a harvest we probably won't forget.  It was our first harvest on our own.  I'm sure there were several times Jon wished his Dad would've been here - I know I did!  We had several breakdowns with one being pretty major setting us back two days.  Another breakdown had us taking the combine into Titan Machinery only setting us back not quite a full day.  Other breakdowns were just little maintenance things but sometimes took us all morning to work on.  I tried my best to jump in and do what Jon asked me to.  Because of all the cooler weather we had earlier in the year the corn was wet. So we would pick until we would fill a bin full enough to dry it down.  And with all the wind we had this summer we had either gooseneck or down corn.  Those days were frustrating and as Jon said "could cause a guy to drink!"  Before harvest started Jon had told me I was going to be running the combine.  Well because of all this crazy corn I didn't get to - Which was SUPER  FINE with me (between you and me I didn't really want to run the combine).  So instead I had several other jobs this fall.  I got to run the tractor and grain cart, haul loads to the coop with tractor and wagons - NOT the semi, kept an eye on the auger at the grain bin, parts lady, grain bin climber and keeper of the grain (we have a couple of farms we do 50/50 - our half went to the bin while our landlords went to town. So I had to keep track of DRY bushels.  I learned a whole new math)!  Let's just say there never was a boring day!  We received help from Jon's younger brother Dan.  Dan and I usually made a pretty good team.  Whenever Jon would be just a little bossy we had each other to vent with.  Glenda even made the comment that Dan and I reminded her of Jon and Dan when they were younger and that Jon was acting more like Don!   There were also days our landlord's son and a past youth group kid came to help (or hang out).  My good friend Kelly even road with me once when I was hauling in grain to the  coop - that was fun!

Things might have taken a little longer and a lot more patience than previous years.  However, we survived our first harvest together and are still married - I call that a successful fall!  In all honesty I really did enjoy helping out and being Jon's partner in our farming operation.  I learned a lot - as Jon said one day "farming is more than just driving tractors!"  I think I already knew that, however I did  learn a whole new appreciation for my husband and his career of choice!  Even though we had a few disagreements (like how full to fill the wagons) I do feel like this experience brought us closer together!  And several times we turned it into a family affair!  The boys got in on a lot of the harvest work this year also!  The days were long and we were exhausted but I wouldn't trade this lifestyle in for nothing!

I was hoping to post some pictures but I can't it to work.  Once I get that figured out I'll do another post of harvest pictures!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Unlocked (hacked) Gem!

I honestly can't remember what year it was - but TJ and Anthony had pooled their money together and bought a laptop computer.  They mostly used it just to have fun with - and it kept them off my computer!  Well, the way the two of them set it up was that they each had their own log in page.  That way TJ's stuff was on his side and Anthony's was on his and neither of them usually used the other one's side!  Since TJ's been gone we have been trying to get on his side of the computer.  We have tried different words, names that we thought he might use as password and nothing ever worked.  I've asked around to different people if they knew of anyone you might be able to hack into TJ's side.  Nobody could ever give me a name.  Until one day we were over at our friend's house.  He told us about all the work he had done to their own computer - so I asked him if he would be willing to give it a try. I knew I could trust him with this computer.  Well, Monday of this week we were invited over for supper so I decided to bring along the laptop.  I left it there and told him that there was no hurry and to work on it only when he had time.  So, last night after picking up the boys from church my phone rings and it was my friend!  With excitement in her voice she said - HE GOT IT!!  At first I had no clue what she was talking about. Then she explained - "Michael hacked into TJ's side - he got it!!!"  She told me she would bring it over right away.  Jon, Kelly and I were all sitting at the island going through his side of the computer.  Video upon video of TJ singing and dancing to his favorite songs.  Him and his cousin Carson doing crazy videos.  An then the videos with the other boys - who were so little!  We spent the rest of the evening laughing so hard at our crazy, creative, just-like-his-Dad son!  We still haven't gotten through everything yet - there are SO MANY videos!  I am so extremely thankful for Michael's persistence.  I will never be able to thank him enough for giving us something we have been missing for the last two and half years - TJ!! Although it's not TJ in the flesh - it is TJ and all his personality!  I am looking forward to just sitting and soaking in all of TJ!  Michael did more than just unlocked (hacked) a computer - he gave us a true gem and something we will treasure (and look at) forever!

For your enjoyment - ONE of TJ's videos!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Week

This has been a hard week. We started off the week attending the funeral of a young man who graduated a year a head of me at school.  This same man was the son of TJ's fourth grade teacher. We knew it was important for us to go and I'm glad we did - it was a very nice service with a great message for all to hear!  Later that day we started harvesting.  Remember the corn that was flattened this summer?  Well Jon wanted to get that out of the field before the stalks rotted or broke off and we had bigger issues of getting it out of the field.  It was a little wetter than we would have liked but the yields were better than we expected which was great!  We finished this field up Friday afternoon.

Then Tuesday we got a phone call from our landlord's daughter telling us Bob had passed away.  This was a complete shock to us.  He was the neatest, amazing, and one of the most godliness men I've ever met.  Jon and I absolutely adore this family!  We were crushed to hear the news of his passing.  It has really hit me hard, something I just can't explain.  Anyway, His funeral was today - all I can say is wow!  And I hope Jon and I can leave that same kind of legacy.

Wednesday Will had an appointment with the foot doctor which went very well.  Afterwards we went to visit my grandparents at the hospital.  My grandpa has been in the hospital for around three weeks - kind of a lengthy story.  Anyway, he wasn't getting better so they made the decision to move him to the hospice house Thursday.  This will be the third family member to use/go to the Serenity House.  I told Jon I've seen almost every generation go through that house - my son, father in law and now my grandpa.  I told him he is not allowed to be the next generation to go there.  I hope to skip that generation! Anyway, I knew it was the best option and the perfect place for my grandpa go be.  However, my heart was breaking for my grandma. You could just see the sadness on her face. Well, today when we got back in the car from the funeral to head to the cemetery I had a text from my mom saying grandpa had gone home to be with Jesus today.  Although this was our answer to prayer that grandpa wouldn't have to be there long and suffer anymore, I was instantly saddened for the void my grandma will have.  They have been married almost 70 years!  We all are going to miss him terribly.  Once again we will have to readjust.  I'm beginning to think that is all we are good at anymore.  I just ask that you continue to keep my whole family in your prayers.  These next few days are going to be hard but we know that it's the days, weeks and months ahead that are even harder.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Earlier this year we had gone to a special event for Help a Heart.  At this event they had a silent auction  - and it was there that we bid and won a Kansas City package - complete with Zoo passes and Royals tickets!  It just so happened that the dates that were available for the Royals game and the dates free on our calender was Labor Day weekend!  So Friday we picked up the kids from school and headed to Kansas City.  We ran into some pretty good rain almost all the way down -so it wasn't any too early when we arrived.

Saturday morning after breakfast in the hotel we headed to the Zoo.  I was pretty impressed with it!  There wasn't an animal exhibit we didn't see an animal - and it was a HOT day!  They had what they called "animal chat" - where there would be a zoo employee telling you more about that particular animal.  We just happen to be at a couple of those (not on purpose) - the leopard and the rhino - that made it a little more interesting.  We spent most of the day there and then headed back to the hotel to swim for awhile.  We ate supper out - on the Kansas side which the boys thought was pretty cool (not sure they realized how close we really were to the boarder)!

Sunday was the day for the baseball game.  It had originally been scheduled for 1:00, but with a couple weeks before we left it was moved to 7:00 so it could be aired on TV.  So we were trying to find something to do with the kids - which there is PLENTY to do - just didn't want to wear them out before the game.  We had a few ideas - but decided to just head to the mall (too long of a story to explain now).  Jon needed some new shoes and Anthony was really needing new clothes - he's almost out of all of what TJ wore.  After a little shopping and lunch - we let the kids swim back at the hotel a little bit before the game.  It was a fairly uneventful game until about the ninth inning when the Royals hit a home run - tying the game!  We decided to stick it out even though we knew bad weather was on it's way.  They finished the top of the 10th inning and then that's when a HUGE gust of wind came - picking up every piece of trash in the stadium -swirling it around before landing on the field.  Will instantly panicked and wanted to leave - he just knew it was a tornado.  We hung out there for a little while the rest of the stadium was clearing out.  The rain quickly followed so we decided to hang out in the concourse of the stadium.  We stayed dry and missed the huge rush of people leaving!  It was quite interesting to watch - from the stadium side with all the lights it almost looked like it was snowing.  Then if you looked outside - just a bunch of red taillights and mass craziness!  We waited it out maybe an hour?  And then saw that the rain was letting up so we decided to leave.  Such a crazy night.  I'm glad we left when we did because more came later!

Monday we had breakfast, packed up and headed for home.  We had a nice trip.  I always enjoy it when we can get away - have a little fun and just be family!

The biggest brightest rainbow I think I have ever seen!

I have a few more pictures of the zoo - but the rest I let the boys take turns taking pictures - I won't post all of those!

Swimming in the pool!  It worked out that usually the boys were the only ones in the pool!

At the Royals game!  Unfortunately my nice camera didn't work so I had to use my phone camera.

Play ball!  This was obviously before the rain came!

Game off - RAIN!  They had to use gators to hold the tarp down.  At one point it almost got away from the grounds crew!

Friday, September 5, 2014

13 Years

I guess I've been avoiding this post for awhile and thought I should try to tackle it now.... TJ's 13th birthday.  I can hardly believe that I would have a teenager - there are days I feel like I'm still a teenager!  I had debated over and over what to do for his 13th birthday.  Do we celebrate just the five of us?  Invite the whole family?  Just our parents?  What do we do that is different?  And then it all became clear.  I saw that the Newsboys and Matthew West were going to be at the Iowa State Fair - just four days after TJ's birthday.  So we decided to invite the whole family to go (most of the family was able to go).  We thought it was the perfect way to honor TJ's 13th birthday with something he loved so much - music and Christ!  We all met at our campers before the concert for walking tacos and cookie cakes!  We had such an enjoyable evening.  We were even able to share TJ's story with the lady who sat in front of us!

TJ's birthday cookies

It's a little hard to see - the gang that joined us all standing!

Matthew West 


I know had TJ been here he would have had a fabulous night!  I often think of what he would look like right now.  I'm pretty sure he would be taller than me!  He probably would have been begging for a cell phone for his birthday gift!  I wonder if he would be sassy and all "teenager like" or would he still have his goofy, "I don't care what others think of me" attitude.  Would he still want to be the center of attention?  Would he still be kind and caring to his younger brothers?  Would he still want to be seen with me?  There are so many things I think about.  I miss that kid EVERY day!  I can't believe this is the third birthday we've celebrated without him.  And I still can't believe we are on this path - and that this is all God's plan.  It's something I struggle with, but have to trust that He knows best - even when I don't understand.  Maybe someday (and not necessarily this side of Heaven) it will all become clear.  Happy 13th Birthday Thomas Jon!  We love you and miss you like crazy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Very Good Point

So, I have a few blogs that I like to read - some are friend's blogs, or people I know and then there are those blogs people have shared with me to encourage me along this road of grief.  Well the other day I was going thru some of them and this one struck me deep.  She spoke such truth - truth that I need to remember DAILY (sometimes even hourly)!  I've shared it with a few others, but thought it was very worthy of sharing it on here.  Instead of copying a link - I decided to copy and paste it right here for you all to read!

Here it is:

Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

I grew up using the phrase, "God doesn't give us more than we can handle," and it works great as an encouragement for us when times get rough. It helps us to believe that whatever is thrown our way we were made to handle. But what if that is all wrong? I mean, I thought this was scriptural, but when I looked it up in 1 Corinthians 10:3 it stated, "No temptation has overtaken you except that which is common to man, but God is faithful, he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able."  I don't know about you, but I believe that this verse is talking about temptations or sins in our lives, not to circumstances in life. In fact I'm going to be as bold as to say I think that phrase is wrong and we should stop using it. Because I believe God does give us more than we can handle because He doesn't want us to get through it ourselves, but to lean on Him.

2 Corinthians 1:8-9 "I was crushed... so much so that I despaired even of life, but that was to make me rely not on myself, but on the God who raises the dead."

I believe I am living proof of this. Eight weeks ago Tim and I found out that after 21 months of trying, I was pregnant! We went in to do the blood work and my numbers looked great. We went in for the 6 week ultrasound to hear the heartbeat on July 7th. We had been in the ultrasound room a short while before we knew something was wrong. The ultrasound tech said, "It looks like the pregnancy is in your Fallopian tubes, but I'll get the Dr." The doctor came in and told me that because of my numbers, I was too far along and would have to go into emergency surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy. So on a day we were trusting and looking forward to, everything changed in an instant. And as I lay in bed the next week and recovered from the surgery I thought, "This is too much!" I have gone from a miscarriage, to a child that died, to infertility, and now this ectopic pregnancy and surgery two weeks before the anniversary of Quinn's death. When is enough, enough?! I have been given more than I can handle!

I listened to a sermon on disappointment that week online and it really spoke to me. It talked about 4 stakes we need to secure our tent (or the dwelling place where we meet God) for when the storms of disappointment come and the 1st one hit me like a ton of bricks. YOU ARE NOT GOD.  It seems so simple, but if we really reflect on that, we are all living our lives claiming God is #1 but acting as if we are God or like we could do a better job. We live in a society where I can build my own house, I can post pictures of how great I am and people write me praises, I can sit in front of a TV and push a button and it turns on. We are the gods of our own lives and when that is threatened (we don't get the job we thought was perfect, we don't meet the man of our dreams right away, we don't have children when we want to, etc.) that is the root of our disappointment and really most of our "whys". If there is a supreme being, that we call GOD, who sees the whole universe, our past, our surroundings, our future, our heart, who is all knowing, who IS love, then why do I secretly believe I (who am selfish, and have only been to this continent, and have only lived for 31 years, and have probably met 5,000 people in my life, and AM HUMAN)  would have the 1st clue on how life should be?

Isaiah 29:16 "You turn things upside down as if the potter were thought to be like the clay! Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, 'You did not make me'? Can the pot say to the potter, 'You know nothing'?"

Jeremiah 18:3-4 "So I went down to the potter's house and saw him working at the potter's wheel. He was using his hands to make a pot from clay, but something went wrong with it. So he used that clay to make another pot the way he wanted it to be."

And this is why God gives us more than we can handle: 1. Because He is God and He can- He knows what he is doing and how our story is going to pan out and 2. Because He is God and we can trust Him and His ways. We don't have to "handle" it, that's God's job.
I don't necessarily think that something was wrong in my life, but I do think that God is the potter and He is making me, his clay, into something new. Right after Quinn died, Tim and I mourned for many things, but one was that we will never be the same. That a part of us died with Quinn. And even now I still believe that to be true, but I don't think any of us are meant to stay the same. This life brings us joys and struggles that continually evolve and change us. Some are more subtle, some more drastic. And with that change is pain, but also rebirth.

Revelation 21:5 "Behold, I am making everything new."

Run in the Sun

The Run in the Sun has become one of those 5K's that is near and dear to my heart.  All the proceeds go to the Serenity House in Oskaloosa (where TJ and Don spent time at).  This year with other things going on I didn't get preregistered and just showed up the day of the event.  I was able to convince my good friend Kelly (whose grandfather-in-law spent time at the Serenity House too) to join me.  Kelly runs all the time, so I had told her I hadn't had time to train and would probably need to walk most of it and asked her if we should just do the one mile instead.  Her response - nah, let's do the 5K - it gives us more time to talk!!  So that was what we did!  We talked, walked and gave back to something that is so special to us!

Running to the finish line!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Highlights of the Iowa State Fair!

We had a great time at the Iowa State Fair.  It seems like every year there is something that makes it different - and I haven't quite figured out if I like it or not.  This year my nephew had football practice - so he only came up on weekends.  My sister-in-law now teaches - so she had to go back home during the second half of the fair - which left the boys and I up there by ourselves for part of the fair.  We got to see and experience all of our favorite things and then some!  We camped in a new territory this year - which ended up being really nice. We even got on the IPTV Fair show three times!  Here are some pictures highlighting our time at the fair!

Charlie was the only one that competed in the big wheel races this year - the other two were too old.  He got third in his heat!

Will and Charlie did Mutton Bustin' again.  This was Will's last year and he did well.  Charlie wasn't really sure that he wanted to do it (I sort of made him).  He got first at the noon show and was able to come back at the evening show for the championships.

He got second in the championship!  He received two trophies and a belt buckle!  Here is getting his trophy from the ISF queen!  He said afterwards that he is retiring!

Anthony was selected to do butter sculpting again this year.  He made a person - he didn't win, but he got a cool ribbon again!

It is tradition for our family along with my brother-in-law and his family to go down the big yellow slide together.  We always do this on a weekend when Jon and Ed both are there.

Little Hands on the Farm - my kids are getting older - just two this time! :(

Just a view of the fair!  It's also tradition to ride the sky glider with our family and Ed's.  Grandma GG rode with us this year!

Charlie riding on Andrew's shoulders.  Having older cousins is the BEST!!

The boys tried the cow chip throwing contest this year.

The boys visiting Clifford at the IPTV booth in the varied industry building.

One of our favorite spots - the DNR building.  One day we went to go check out the ducks and they were CRAZY!!  There was also a Jeopardy game inside to play.

We went to Hairball again this year.  This time our good friends Kelly and Michael joined us!

Ed, Shawna, Jon and I went to the Florida Georgia Line concert.  Very good!!

Florida Georgia Line!

Those are just a few of our highlights.  I always hate to see the fair come to an end - for more than one reason.  It's always a sign that summer is over and school is about to begin.  And, it's all over!  Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of School

The boys have officially been back to school now for one week.  So far things are going well.  We are venturing into new territory.  Anthony is now in 5th grade - a grade and wing of the elementary we haven't been down before.  Will is in 3rd grade and has a teacher we've never had.  Charlie is in 1st grade with a teacher we have had and like!  TJ would have been in 7th grade - JR HIGH - this year!  I often wonder what this year would have looked like had he still been here.  We are hoping and praying for a good school year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

County Fair 2014

This was the first year we were able to experience the county fair with one of our kiddos actually participating.  The fair sure has changed from when I was an exhibitor (isn't that what all parents say?), however we still had an enjoyable week - a bit exhausting - but enjoyable!  We have a reserved camping spot there - so it made it easy to be there in time for chores and enjoy the other activities going on at the fair.  Time got away from us so Anthony's only project this year was Buddy - which was probably enough for this year!  I do believe I was more of a nervous wreck than Anthony - all because of added pressure I put on myself.  Anyway, Buddy did really well - he got Reserve County Bred Steer!!  Not too bad for our first year of showing!  We sold Buddy at the auction that last Saturday of the fair.  We were beyond pleased with what he brought.  When the time came for us to say good bye after he sold, I do believe the three of us (Jon, Anthony and I) were all holding back the tears.  I know I had a big lump in my throat!

Anthony showing Buddy while talking to the judge!

Anthony with his trophy!

We also took part in the joke telling contest, bubble gum blowing contest and Mutton Bustin'!  It was a fun first year!  I'm not sure what Anthony will want to do next year - but I'm excited!

Death of a Blackheart!

A few months ago - I think it was actually Fourth of July weekend - Jon and I along with a couple of friends of ours headed to Sully for a murder mystery supper.  I have always wanted to go to one of these things and it proved to be a GREAT evening full of fun!  The food was fabulous, the murder mystery was hilarious and the fellowship with our friends was fantastic!! 

Michael and Kelly, Jon and I, Kelly and LeAnn

Jon posing with one of the actors!

Kelly doing his part to help figure out who murdered Captain Jack Blackheart!


Stay tuned as I am going to try to catch up with all that's been going on with us (and not necessarily in any particular order).  If my computer works correctly and if time allows I hope to get a few things up yet today.  Otherwise look for updates a little at a time the rest of this week!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I have SO much to share and not enough time to do it.  Look for MANY updates AFTER the Iowa State Fair!! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Barnstormers and Cubs!

We were given the opportunity to do some fun things with the boys over the last couple of days and decided to take advantage of it!  We "won" a sports package at a silent auction (which I hope to blog about soon) which included tickets to a Barnstormer game.  Just incase you've never heard of the Iowa Barnstormers it is an arena football team. We had a fun time!  The first half was exciting and a lot of fun to watch.  However, the second half the opposing team came out fired up and smoked us.  The final score was 84 - 48.  Here are a couple of pictures of that night.

The boys!

This was the view from our seats!

The other event we attended was an Iowa cubs game.  My parents had purchased Knothole Gang memberships for all the grand kids at Christmas.  With this membership included tickets to several cubs games, t-shirt, ice cream and free drinks.  There are a couple of other perks like clinics, autograph sessions and batting practice at select games.  Yesterday was the first chance we had to attend one of those games.  We invited my parents to go along too.  It ended up being a very good game.  They were only going to play seven innings since it was a double header but at the end of the seventh it was tied 2-2.  So we got to the eighth inning the other team scored two runs making it 4-2 with the Cubs having a chance to catch up or win. We scored two runs tying up the game.  With two outs two people on base the player at bat hit a home run making the score 4-7.  The Cubs won!  It was a pretty late night (after 10 pm) but I'm so glad we stayed til the end.  The boys even got on the jumbo screen!  Fun was had by all!  Here are a couple of pictures from that night.

The boys in their new Knothole Gang shirts!

Jon and me

Will and Charlie with Cubbie Bear (Anthony took the picture that's why he's not in it).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Can Really Stop Raining Now!

So my mother in law has informed me that there is always a severe storm around her birthday - which happens to be June 29!  Well, Sunday evening proved her to be right!  But it didn't just stop on that day - we got more the next day.  In fact I would say we had a couple good rounds.  In the 14 years that Jon and I have lived here (on our farm) we have only had water over the lane once - yesterday marked the second time.  Our corn got knocked down not only here but at another farm we farm.  We didn't get any other damage than that which is good, but it still makes us sick to our stomachs to look out the window.  We just pray now that rain will stop for awhile, that the sun will come out and maybe it will bounce back from this.  Here are some pictures of some of the flooding of our fields and damage to the corn:

This is our lane.

Jon's alfalfa and oats - completely flattened.

Some of the down corn at our place.

More down corn at our place.

Yep that's our semi.  Jesse was trying to get back to Glenda's and found this.  This was actually taken a couple of hours later after the third round of rain.  Noticed how more it got out after the county put up signs. Jon graciously moved back the sign so the county wouldn't loose it!

This is another farm we farm under water.