Friday, May 23, 2014


Yesterday I helped Jon do something I've never done before - find, check and repair tile!  However, between you and me, it seemed more like we were looking for buried treasure.  Take a look for yourself and see if you agree with me!

Now do you see what I mean?  I'm sure there were times Jon wished his Dad would have been there (we were on Don's farm) to show him where the tile was, tell him what to do and just for his overall help.  I would like to think I was as helpful as I could be - considering I know NOTHING about tiling.  I even got in on some of the work.

Overall we had a pretty good day: we got our tile flowing and repaired, only made three trips to McGriff's for parts (and popcorn), and we never fought!  I'd say we had an enjoyable (do I dare say fun) day together considering what we were doing!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sweet Gift

Mother's Day morning, Charlie greeted me with this gift....


Well, I survived the first week of my new job and I am EXHAUSTED!  I don't know how farmers do it day after day.  I didn't do near the things Jon did but by Saturday night I was wiped out!  The good thing..... we get all the corn in (including the sweet corn) by Saturday night!!  I did my best to do what Jon wanted me to do (without asking too many questions).  There was only one time I said no!  It was a job I had never done before and I just was too nervous trying it for the first time while I was watching my niece for a couple of hours.  The amount I helped and the work I did varied from day to day.  We even got the boys in on some of the work too!  My jobs usually consisted of driving the seed and chemical tender from field to field (and to the coop to get more), the ranger to pick up rocks (which the boys actually enjoyed doing), moving equipment from farm to farm, driving the 4020 to hoe corn and running important errands - like getting donuts and lunch!!

I must admit that during this season I am usually a single parent - going to events with the boys by myself.  However, now I too have to skip those things.  I felt terrible that I missed four graduation parties, a wedding, cheese rarebit day at school and my niece's last track meet.  I was super bummed, but also knew I was much needed where I was.  This too is a new season in our life - one I'm trying hard to adjust to.  Don't get me wrong - I love that I am able to work along side Jon and actually feel like I am an important part of our farming operation - just don't like the reason why I was thrown into my new job.  There have been fun - exciting days and long hard days.  But all in all it's been a good week!  I am thankful for the rain we got so we could have a little down time so I can get caught up with the things around the house - you should see my laundry pile!!

Filling up the sprayer.  The pickup was one of my many "offices" for the week.

One of our loads of rocks.  The ranger was a little weighed down!

Our last field planting corn!

The boys!  I have to tell a story about the little two's shirts.  Saturday morning Jon and I left around 5:00.  We left the boys home by themselves - we figured they would sleep until I came back home (which was pretty accurate).  When I got home to pick them up to head to the field Will and Charlie had those shirts on - ones I would have them wear to church or somewhere nice.  I asked them why they are wearing their nice shirts - their response - "Dad does!"  I love how they look up to their Dad and want to be just like him!

(I guess Jon has a picture of me hoeing corn - I was a real looker that day - too bad I won't be posting that one!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My New Job!!

Yesterday I started my new job.  It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be - especially on my emotions!  I guess I should back up just a bit.  My job title is: Jon's personal "go-for."  You know go for this and go for that!  Before the day started I reminded Jon how I am new at all of this and to be patient with me (just remember this part).  Well after getting the boys onto the bus my first job was to drive old red to Glenda's - put the ball hitch on the bumper of the white truck - head to Grandpa's and get the seed tender out of the shed.  Easy enough - or so I thought.  Getting the ball on was the easy part - it was getting the seed tender out of the shed.  It was way in the back and the location of the door makes it not so easy for this inexperienced backer upper to get to.  Call #1!  I wasn't sure I could do it without hitting/running over something.  Jon graciously told me that if I didn't think I could do it he would be there in 15 minutes and to just sit and wait.  I was determined that I could do this - I am after all supposed to be helpful not a nuisance!  I was finally able to get backed in (a little Austin Powers style!) and thanks to the backup camera it didn't take as long as I anticipated.  However, I couldn't get the hitch to latch/lock.  I called Jon again to try and figure out which way the latch was actually supposed to go - I couldn't get it no matter what way I tried.  He tried helping out (as much as one can on the phone) and I wiggled the pickup into place and was able to get it!!  I hooked up the lights, chains, raised the jack and I was off - SLOWLY - so I wouldn't hit anything.  I took it back to Glenda's where I waited for Jon so we could fill the planter.

After filling the planter we unhooked the seed tender and hooked up to the chemical tender trailer.  Jon had been working on this during those rainy, cold days - I must admit I'm pretty impressed with it!  I always knew he was handy.  You see in the past he has always done custom spraying through the co-op - so they always delivered his loads - Not this year - now I'm his tender truck driver!  Anyway, we headed to the co-op for our first hot load of chemicals.  After leaving the co-op, I dropped him off at the sprayer and we drove to the first field.  We loaded up the sprayer and then I was off to get our second load.  I am proud to say I got there just fine - I just took me a little while since I took the long way (by mistake and long story).  I got back to Jon (just in time) - got him loaded so he could keep spraying and I made lunch.  After lunch we took the sprayer over to Glenda's along with the chemical tender.  Jon got in the tractor and planter while I headed to the co-op to get a hot load for my brother in law.

After getting back with that load - I was to drive the ranger (not a pickup ranger either) from Glenda's to the railroad farm and pick up concrete and rocks.  I took a new road I never knew about before - that was kind of fun!  After picking up rocks and then throwing them into the mud hole (culvert) I had to pick up sticks and trash along the tree line.  I finally got all the junk picked up and then it was back to Glenda's to drop off the ranger.  When I arrived she was out working on her flower beds, so I left the ranger with her.  I jumped back in old red and headed for home before the kids got off the bus.  We did homework and chores and then it was back in old red to get the seed tender for Jon again.  Only this time I didn't have the white truck so I had Anthony help me hook it up.  That was frustrating!  Those back up cameras are the best thing ever!!!  We picked up Jon and then we were off to get more seed. (There was more to our day after this - but it's too long to tell)!

I tell you what - I have never appreciated and missed my father in law so much in one day as I did yesterday!!  I am thankful I am around and able to help Jon - I guess I just didn't anticipate my emotions being all over the place like they were.  Every time I got frustrated and couldn't figure it out - I would begin to cry - not because I was being a baby (ok maybe a little bit because of that) but more because I just was mad/sad that my father in law wasn't here to help.  It just doesn't seem fair or right.  Bless Jon's heart - he was so good, kind and patient with me.  Remember our conversation we had at the beginning of our day?  Well by the time the day was over and Jon finally got in the house - I had called him 26 times!!!  I don't think I have EVER called him that much in one week let alone one day!!  I'm not sure what is in store for me in my "new job", but I do know -  there will probably be times Jon will want to pull all the hairs out of his head AND we will BOTH be wishing his Dad were here, but I'm excited to work along side and to help my husband!  (Prayers are appreciated!!! :D)