Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

So for quite a while now we've had an artificial tree in our house during Christmas. Well because of our remodeling project the tree was put in the garage for a year AND the lid was left open during that time (don't ask me why.... I'm not really sure how that happened). Anyway I was afraid to put the tree up. I was worried we would find a family of mice or a snake!  So I talked Jon into getting a real tree this year. I also thought it would be the start of a new family tradition.  So, the Friday after Thanksgiving we went to pick out and cut down our real Christmas tree! We had a fun time trying to pick just the right one. We brought it home, set it up and proceeded to decorate it. I'll be honest I didn't really like it. It took up so much room in the living room and it was bigger than our fake tree so all our ornaments looked pretty sparse on this new tree (just call me the Grinch)! Well by Wednesday afternoon I wasn't feel very well. Thursday, Will and I both went to the doctor. Will was diagnosed with strep throat so the doctor just treated us the same. By Friday afternoon Will was feeling much better - me not so much. I was sick all the way up to Saturday. We had several things planned for both Friday & Saturday that I ended up missing or rescheduling.  It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when Charlie was trying to give the Christmas tree a drink that I realized it was the tree making me sick. I called my mom to ask if that was possible, to which she responded "you were the reason we could never have a real tree in the house!"  She informed me that it took them awhile to figure it out but once they had it made a big difference. So I called Jon to tell him about my discovery. Charlie and I undecorated the tree and waited until Jon got home so he could chuck it out the front window! So here it was all my idea to get a real tree and then it was all my fault we had to get rid of it! However, about a half an hour after throwing out the tree I felt SO much better!  Well, I was feeling really bad for the kids that we now had no Christmas tree.  The other day we had to go to walmart for a few things, so I decided to take a look at the artificial trees they had.  I really wasn't wanting to spend a lot of money or get a really big one - partly because I knew in a couple of weeks they would probably be half the price.  We finally found one - a 6 foot non pre-lit tree for $20! It's almost a real life version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!  However with our small living room it works perfect.  It doesn't take up a lot of space.  And so far I've only put the lights and ribbon on and it looks great.  I saved the ornaments for the boys to put on (hopefully tomorrow). The boys are happy there is a tree in the house again and I'm glad we found the perfect tree - just a little bummed we found out the hard way I'm still allergic to live Christmas trees!

After picking out and cutting down the tree.

The REAL tree up and decorated.

The new FAKE tree!