Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Unlocked (hacked) Gem!

I honestly can't remember what year it was - but TJ and Anthony had pooled their money together and bought a laptop computer.  They mostly used it just to have fun with - and it kept them off my computer!  Well, the way the two of them set it up was that they each had their own log in page.  That way TJ's stuff was on his side and Anthony's was on his and neither of them usually used the other one's side!  Since TJ's been gone we have been trying to get on his side of the computer.  We have tried different words, names that we thought he might use as password and nothing ever worked.  I've asked around to different people if they knew of anyone you might be able to hack into TJ's side.  Nobody could ever give me a name.  Until one day we were over at our friend's house.  He told us about all the work he had done to their own computer - so I asked him if he would be willing to give it a try. I knew I could trust him with this computer.  Well, Monday of this week we were invited over for supper so I decided to bring along the laptop.  I left it there and told him that there was no hurry and to work on it only when he had time.  So, last night after picking up the boys from church my phone rings and it was my friend!  With excitement in her voice she said - HE GOT IT!!  At first I had no clue what she was talking about. Then she explained - "Michael hacked into TJ's side - he got it!!!"  She told me she would bring it over right away.  Jon, Kelly and I were all sitting at the island going through his side of the computer.  Video upon video of TJ singing and dancing to his favorite songs.  Him and his cousin Carson doing crazy videos.  An then the videos with the other boys - who were so little!  We spent the rest of the evening laughing so hard at our crazy, creative, just-like-his-Dad son!  We still haven't gotten through everything yet - there are SO MANY videos!  I am so extremely thankful for Michael's persistence.  I will never be able to thank him enough for giving us something we have been missing for the last two and half years - TJ!! Although it's not TJ in the flesh - it is TJ and all his personality!  I am looking forward to just sitting and soaking in all of TJ!  Michael did more than just unlocked (hacked) a computer - he gave us a true gem and something we will treasure (and look at) forever!

For your enjoyment - ONE of TJ's videos!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Week

This has been a hard week. We started off the week attending the funeral of a young man who graduated a year a head of me at school.  This same man was the son of TJ's fourth grade teacher. We knew it was important for us to go and I'm glad we did - it was a very nice service with a great message for all to hear!  Later that day we started harvesting.  Remember the corn that was flattened this summer?  Well Jon wanted to get that out of the field before the stalks rotted or broke off and we had bigger issues of getting it out of the field.  It was a little wetter than we would have liked but the yields were better than we expected which was great!  We finished this field up Friday afternoon.

Then Tuesday we got a phone call from our landlord's daughter telling us Bob had passed away.  This was a complete shock to us.  He was the neatest, amazing, and one of the most godliness men I've ever met.  Jon and I absolutely adore this family!  We were crushed to hear the news of his passing.  It has really hit me hard, something I just can't explain.  Anyway, His funeral was today - all I can say is wow!  And I hope Jon and I can leave that same kind of legacy.

Wednesday Will had an appointment with the foot doctor which went very well.  Afterwards we went to visit my grandparents at the hospital.  My grandpa has been in the hospital for around three weeks - kind of a lengthy story.  Anyway, he wasn't getting better so they made the decision to move him to the hospice house Thursday.  This will be the third family member to use/go to the Serenity House.  I told Jon I've seen almost every generation go through that house - my son, father in law and now my grandpa.  I told him he is not allowed to be the next generation to go there.  I hope to skip that generation! Anyway, I knew it was the best option and the perfect place for my grandpa go be.  However, my heart was breaking for my grandma. You could just see the sadness on her face. Well, today when we got back in the car from the funeral to head to the cemetery I had a text from my mom saying grandpa had gone home to be with Jesus today.  Although this was our answer to prayer that grandpa wouldn't have to be there long and suffer anymore, I was instantly saddened for the void my grandma will have.  They have been married almost 70 years!  We all are going to miss him terribly.  Once again we will have to readjust.  I'm beginning to think that is all we are good at anymore.  I just ask that you continue to keep my whole family in your prayers.  These next few days are going to be hard but we know that it's the days, weeks and months ahead that are even harder.