Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blind Volleyball!

Jon and I have talked this year how we would like to be more involved in our community. Whether that means going to more functions the community offers or participating in them. So when we saw that the North Mahaska Junior class was doing a blind volleyball tournament (to raise money for the after prom party) we knew we needed to participate! So we recruited some friends and formed the team The Dirty Half Dozen. We choose that name since five of the six work in Ag and the other team member works at a dental office - all jobs which we think are dirty! We seriously signed up two days before the event so obviously we didn't have time for practice.

 Last night was the night for the blind volleyball tournament. Oh I forgot you might be wondering.....what is blind volleyball? Well it's basically the same as regular volleyball EXCEPT there is a sheet (or we had black plastic) over the net. So you can't see what's coming! We were so excited.

We arrived last night, the rules were given and then it was game time! Our first round we got a bye. We waited and watch a couple teams play before it was our turn. So we were actually able to watch the team we had to play in action before we played them. Then it was our turn to play.  It was fun watching other teams play but, oh my goodness it was way more fun to play than I thought it was going to be. We played a hard fought first game and lost. And then had to turn right around and play again after that. We lost again. We played against two teams which consisted of high school kids. So since it was double elimination we were done. We were disappointed that we were done so early since we were having so much fun. It was a night of cheap entertainment going to a good cause, I'm so glad we decided to participate. If they decide to do this again next year..... we will be ready!!!

In action - we are the yellow team.

We are ready - I think!

Before we left. Trying to look tough!

Again in action. If you look closely on the right side a guy in red shorts getting ready to spike the ball. He was really good and scary!

Our team - The Dirty Half Dozen
Front row - Kelly, Melissa, me
Back row - Michael, Shane and Jon 

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