Monday, February 9, 2015

Ice Skating Fun!

Sunday the 8th was the day Anthony's 4H club had planned to go ice skating.  (Just a little FYI... I absolutely love to go ice skating. My Dad used to take us girls on one of Grandpa's farm ponds - in fact one year I got my own pair of skates!).  Well, since families and friends were invited to the event I thought it would be fun for all of us to go and give it a try. Ten minutes after putting on our skates and trying to skate around the rink the thought occurred to me, "WHAT WAS I THINKING!"  Will was having troubles keeping his feet straight which made it hard for him to skate. Anthony was feeling defeated because he kept falling and said it was the worst day of his life. And Charlie.... well he was the only one having fun. I tried my hardest to not get upset and give it some more time. Will finally started to get the hang of it and was really having a good time. Anthony decided to go out and skate with another club member (one who happened to be in TJ's class) and began to have fun. And Charlie was still enjoying himself. Jon and I even got some time to skate together! The weather was pretty decent so it ended up making for a fun Sunday afternoon! By the end of our time I was so proud of the boys for not giving up and glad we decided to go! Do I dare press my luck and try it again another day? We shall see!!

The boys before heading out on the ice.

Jon and me. Charlie took our picture which made me nervous. I was afraid he was going to fall or drop my phone on the ice.

I thought I took more pictures but I guess I took more videos instead.

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