Saturday, February 7, 2015


With all this cold weather and snow I thought now would be a perfect time to blog about our recent vacation to Jamaica!  Jon and I had planned a trip last Spring to celebrate our 15 year anniversary.  However, the trip was quickly cancelled when Jon's dad became so sick.  We decided it was still important for us to get away to celebrate and to just chill (we honestly haven't had much down time since we lost Jon's dad).  We also thought it would be fun to ask our good friends to go along with us.  We met with our favorite travel agent - Lacey Veenstra-Gay - who we told we wanted to go somewhere with white sandy beaches, turquoise colored waters and do absolutely nothing but soak up the sun!!  We quickly decided on Jamaica!

We had such a fabulous time.  It was a smaller resort than we had stayed at in past years - but it was perfect.  It didn't seem overly crowded.  We didn't have troubles finding chairs to lay out on or finding ourselves waiting in lines at the buffet.  It was also pretty quite.  We were surprised at how many Iowans we ran into - Jamaica must be the destination of choice for those in colder climates (or farmers)!  The weather couldn't have been better had I planned it myself.  We only had one afternoon where there was a very quick light shower - it didn't even last an hour!!  We did get off the resort one day to do Dunn's River Falls.  It was very pretty and a lot of fun.  Basically you start at the bottom - ocean level and climb the waterfalls all the way up - over 900 feet!  I really can't do it justice so just google it sometime!  The last day there we all decided to soak up as much sun as possible.  We might have over done it just a little as we ALL got FRIED (we are all now peeling like crazy)!!  It was SO nice to get away - to spend time with such great friends - have no worries, responsibilities and just do absolutely nothing!  It was just what we needed.  Although we have nothing planned in the near future we are anxiously awaiting when we will be able do it again!

The view from our room

Another view.

First night there.  This was the night we met SEVERAL Iowans.

So these floaty things we are on are actually the cushions off of our beach chairs.  This was so much fun and super relaxing all at the same time.


A night out for supper.

This was what we did the majority of the time.  This particular picture was taken on our last day - which we all fried.  We put the sunscreen on just a little too late (notice it is on my chair).

This is one of my favorite pictures - all of us soakin' in some sun!!


Our "formal" night of dining!

This is us at Dunn's River Falls.  The water was cold!!

This was close to the beginning of the falls.  There was a cruise ship that docked this particular day so there were several people.

Our tour guide was constantly making us do different things in the falls - this was just one thing she had us do!

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