Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coons and a Camper!

So, usually by now we have had the camper out and maybe even camped a couple of times.  However, this year - different story!  We knew it was going to be a crazy, busy summer so as of June we still had not gotten it out of the shed.  Well about a week or so before we left to go to Guatemala I was talking with a good friend of mine who informed me that she had gotten us camping reservations for the Fourth of July weekend.  Not only for just Friday - Sunday, but starting on Wednesday.  Which meant I needed to get the camper cleaned up before we left because we would be camping the day after we got home from Guatemala.  So, I was helping Jon get the camper out of the shed when I noticed a bunch of mud on the back of the camper next to the ladder.  I thought it was odd when I noticed little hand prints in the mud.  My first response was - those boys got in the mud and then decided to climb the camper - which I wasn't too pleased about.  But I looked closer and those hand prints were WAY too tiny to be any of my kid's!  Then I looked at the top of the camper and it looked like a lid of something was partially opened.  So, once Jon got the camper parked I told him about my findings.  He began to look it over and saw everything I did - and then he climbed the ladder.  He noticed holes all over the roof of the camper where coons had tried to get in!  I was instantly mad!!  Then I became nervous that maybe the coons got inside our camper - so I made Jon open the door to look inside.  Thankfully they only got the outside!  However, this meant now we needed to get the camper fixed before we could go camping.  I went ahead and cleaned out the inside and then we put the camper back in the shed.  (Maybe we should have left it out - I know it would have rained then!!)  Jon quickly got ahold of the place we bought the camper to see how much it would cost to fix it - then he called the insurance company.  We did everything they asked for and then waited.  We were hoping to get the camper over there before we left for Guatemala - so they could be fixing it while we were gone - but that didn't happen.  So we didn't get to go camping Fourth of July weekend.  We kept trying to get things moving on it, but it just wasn't happening, so I called another camper dealer.  Remember how much I LOVE the Iowa State Fair and how we camp there?  So it needed to be done soon.  The new place said they could do it and get it done by the time we needed it - so we decided we would take it there - only to wait some more!  Finally yesterday (Tuesday) we were given the OK to bring it over - so Jon took it over to have them start working on it!!  My only worry is that it won't be done in time to get it to the holding pen on Sunday!  I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

Jon heading out!  All the other pictures of the damage the coons did are on the I-Pad.

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